Anesthetik procesures & narcosis treatment

Today fear should no more be a factor preventing one from undergoing a necessary dental or jaw-surgery therapy.

As apart from a very effective local anesthetics today we have at hand the most modern anesthetic procedures. 

Local anesthetics

In case of most operations of mouth-jaw-facial surgery, e.g. by the extraction of of a wisdom tooth, a local anesthetic is enough.

The area to be operated is numbed by a careful injection of a local anesthetic that nullifies the perception of pain, temperature and touch.

Since for some patients the insertion of a needle is an unpleasant experience, we can numb the area that is about to be subject to injection by a superficial anesthetic (freezing spray).

General anesthesia

General anesthesia is recommended only in special cases, e.g. by more difficult operations, by incapacitated patients, or on other medical grounds. General anesthesia in our team is administered by an experienced anesthesiologist with the help of the most modern medical procedures and the highest possible safety standard.

Today state health insurance pays for general anesthesia only when there are strong indications for it, e.g. in case of small children and patients suffering from strong incapacitation or retardation.

Semiconscious sedation

Analgo-sedation – wake up and it all is over

To the patients, who would like to avoid the fear and stress that may accompany the treatment, we offer inexpensive and low-risk semiconscious sedation.

You may undergo procedures such as surgical tooth extractions, implantations, extensive tooth extractions in the state of half sleep.

Sounds, excitement, or fears will become turned off to a large extent. The patient’s relaxation is accomplished through the combination of centrally active pain-killing medication (analgesic) with pacifying substances (sedatives).

Unlike during general anesthesia there is no need for the respirator. The patient breathes on his own. However he cannot remember anything.

Request anesthesia, as a rule, is not paid by state health insurance. We offer semiconscious sedation for a very moderate price so that as many patients as possible can benefit from this anxiety-free treatment.