CBCT 3D X-ray - Dental Cone Beam computed tomography

CBCT – modern, low radiation 3D X-ray in the head and neck area - Cone Beam computed tomography – the new dimension of diagnostic imaging for dentistry / oral surgery / implant dentistry / otolaryngology.

Despite the higher radiation CT scanning has largely replaced x-rays in most fields of medicine. But in the areas of dentistry / oral surgery / implant dentistry 2 dimensional x-ray technology remains prevalent.



Digital, high-resolution diagnostic imaging

It is our conviction that this state of the art, high-resolution imaging technology should be available to all patients and their doctors at affordable prices, as it is not covered by your health insurance. For this reason we operate this imaging technique as a group of oral surgeons / otolaryngologists and dentists with multidisciplinary expertise.

You / Your dentist / Your doctor / receive the data obtained in accordance with the question / justifying indication as a Dicom data set on CD with a free viewer software.