Implantat treatment

Beautiful, natural teeth are substantial in determining the look and the charisma of a person.

Strongly-set teeth all the way into the old age – that is the wish that can be fulfilled for most of the patients today. Modern implants are characterized by their natural qualities. No other care, as far as the appearance and functioning goes, approaches more closely the natural teeth and brings (provided there is sufficient bone mass, good care and regular dental checkups) similarly good long-term results.

The replacement of the lost teeth by implants is for us a day-to-day routine and is, whenever required, done with the most modern CT-supported planned performance. Most operations, when performed by a qualified surgeon, can be done with the minimum of invasive action and on a simple planning basis.

Our credo: The modern therapy procedure too must be affordable and payable. 

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Implants in case of peridontits

natural tooth

Implants come in especially handy as the best substitute for the missing teeth in cases where teeth are lost due to paradontium disease usually referred to as periodontitis).

As the periodontitis dismantles the apparatus that keeps the teeth in the jawbone, the attachment of the root is gone and the teeth start to become loose. The loss of the teeth follows.

The periodontitis attacks often the whole dentition. Even teeth that appear to be well set, can already be subject to substantial bone loss.

In such condition the tooth substitute with crowns and bridges poses the danger that the overloading of the debilitated abutment teeth may lead to a premature loss of the latter. Implants present in such cases often the most sensible solution since by providing additional support they make possible a firm attachment of the substitute of the tooth.

However, we have to keep in mind that prior to a successful treatment of periodontitis, the implant itself may become attacked.

A good oral hygiene and regular controls ensure long-lasting maintenance of the tooth and the implant.

Advantages of implants

  • Implants replace missing teeth
  • They protect your own, real teeth (no filing of the natural, healthy teeth or neighboring teeth with small fillings only, no overburdening or improper burdening of the final molars through suspended dentures)
  • They make it possible to conduct a good therapy in case of the loss of teeth due to the inflammation of the periodontium
  • Dental implants offer a safe and economic method of treatment.
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  • The long-term positive results of implants range from good to very good. In many cases they go beyond the success rate of conventional care (crowns, bridges, dentures)