Quality & material

The implants that are inserted nowadays are screw-shaped and consist of highly pure titanium.

Titanium is the tissue-friendliest (the most biocompatible) metal. It heals very well in the bone and, supported by the microstructure of the surface of a modern implant, forms with it a bond (so called osseointegration).

Ceramic implants are a new development. They are perceptibly more expensive than titan implants which have proven convincingly their worth over the past decades.

As of now there are no long-term experiments speaking in favor of the ceramic- over the titan-implants.

natural tooth in profile


We apply only proven implants e.i. the implants that have been used successfully for years and are continually improved; implants of the leading producers who, we may presume, will still be there on this hard-competing market ten years from now. E.g.

  • 3i
  • Straumann
  • Astra Tech
  • Zimmer Dental