Immediate - loading implants - immediate burdening

The immediate-loading implantation after the tooth extraction (immediate loading) is possible only where there is sufficient amount of inflammation-free bone to fix the implants. Due to the immediate support of the bone and gums, an especially natural and esthetic appearance is possible.

However, the immediate burdening of the implants through a denture (immediate loading) is only possible under restricted conditions and favorable circumstances: we need to introduce at least four implants into a toothless lower jaw and at least six in the toothless upper jaw (that have very good bone condition) if we want to burden immediately the implants with a fixed, bridge-like denture.

Healing of implants

Tooth extractions in the overwhelming majority of cases are caused by the inflammation of the area of the dental root (e.g. the inflammation of the root apex, periodontitis). Taking into account the fact that in these cases the bone surrounding the dental root is also inflamed, it is the latter that should heal prior to the insertion of an implant.

Consequently, the implant should as a rule heal for two to six months before it can be burdened by a new denture.

During those healing periods you can wear a provisory denture.

Insertion of five loaded implants in a toothless jaw