Benefits of implantology

Dental implants – deriving from Latin "implantare" (to plant) – were first implanted (in a small number) in the human jaw in 1970’s.

Since then the steadily perfected technology turned them into routine. Today only in Germany hundreds of thousands of implants are set in jaws every year. 

Grown into the jawbone, the implant takes the role of the original dental root. It firmly supports tooth substitutes, e.g. crowns, bridges, without any need for filing the healthy enamel of the neighboring teeth. Or it may serve to securely anchor the removable denture (partial or full dentures).

For many patients an important advantage of the implant is that it protects them from a further bone atrophy in the toothless sections of the jaw and by doing so prevents the concaving of facial features in case of toothless patients.

The provision of a firm hold in place of the perpetually loose and ill-set denture, may be the most impressive advantage of implants.

Whether it is a secure anchorage of a lower-jaw denture by the means of the implant-bridge construction or the replacement of a single tooth:

The firm setting of the "third one" is one of the main reasons why implantology is so successful.


  • Implants replace missing teeth.
  • They offer a firm, invisible attachment for the tooth substitute as it is the case with one’s own teeth.
  • They protect your own, real teeth (no filing of the natural, healthy teeth or neighboring teeth with small fillings only, no overburdening or improper burdening of the final molars through suspended dentures).
  • They prevent bone atrophy and in this way help to retain the natural facial silhouette.

  • They make it possible to conduct a good therapy in case of the loss of teeth due to the inflammation of the paradontium (periodontitis)
  • The implantation is a low-risk routine operation.
  • The surrounding bone reliably grows around the implants (ensured bio-compatibility). The latter, however, must be sufficiently wide, high and of good quality.

  • The long-term positive results of implants range from good to very good. In many cases they go beyond the success rate of conventional care (crowns, bridges, dentures).
  • Dental implants offer a safe method of treatment. (position of DGZMK)
  • Because of its long-lasting nature implants are an economic therapy.