Prophylaxis and therapy

So that the gums stay healty

The best remedy to prevent gingivitis is a good oral hygiene, that is a thorough and effective brushing of all teeth, best after each meal (including flossing and the use of special brushes for the cleaning of spaces between teeth).

We recommend the use of modern electric toothbrushes. By the same amount of brushing time the modern electric toothbrushes (e.g. the products of Braun "Oral B") produce far better brushing results than conventional brushes


Early stages of gum inflammation can be easily treated with the consistent oral hygiene. These include, apart from the effective dental care, also the regular professional cleaning of teeth at the dentist’s office.

In cases of advanced periodontitis the first step is to get rid of the inflammations in the gum pockets, that is in places that the patient cannot reach with one’s toothbrush. This cleaning will be done by a dentist performing closed debridement technique (the depth of the pocket 4-5 mm) - by deeper pockets (6mm or deeper) it is usually done by open debridement.

In our practice in almost all cases we perform this treatment on all affected teeth in one single sitting. Scientific studies prove that the simultaneous cleaning of all pockets, so called Full-mouth-desinfection (FMD) shows better long-term results than a step-by-step procedure (no danger of re-infection from the pockets that have not been done yet) .

Naturally it is also more pleasant for the patient to be treated in one single sitting. As a rule we perform this operation in a semiconscious sedation (analgo-sedation).