• The practiceModern health carein the medicalcenterHammonia Bad Hamburg

    The practice

    Modern health care
    in the medicalcenter
    Hammonia Bad Hamburg
  • Jaw surgeryModern protectivetooth extraction

    Jaw surgery

    Modern protective
    tooth extraction
  • PeridontologyTreatment & prophylaxisof periodontitis


    Treatment & prophylaxis
    of periodontitis
  • ImplantologyImplant treatmentfor naturally beautiful teeth


    Implant treatment
    for naturally beautiful teeth
  • CBCT 3D X-rayDental Cone Beamcomputed tomography

    CBCT 3D X-ray

    Dental Cone Beam
    computed tomography
  • Anaesthesia methodsLocal anestheticsGeneral anesthesiaSemiconscious sedation

    Anaesthesia methods

    Local anesthetics
    General anesthesia
    Semiconscious sedation
  • LocationWhere You can find us


    Where You can find us


Modern health care in the
medicalcenter Hammonia Bad

In our practice, one of the first mouth-jaw-facial surgery practices in Hamburg, patients have become acquainted with most modern points of view for over 50 years..


Jaw surgery

Modern protective tooth extraction

Whether tooth removal or tooth-root extraction. We use modern and gentle methods. Here, we offer in addition to the local anesthetic on request semiconscious sedation.



Implant treatment for naturally beautiful teeth

Modern implants are characterized by their natural qualities. The replacement of lost teeth is our routine and will, whenever required, done with the most modern CT-supported planned performance.



Treatment & prophylaxis of periodontitis

The starting point of any periodontitis treatment is the mechanical removal of the plaque as well as of the inflamed tissue which we always perform with manual and ultrasonic instruments or special laser.


Relaxed & fear-free treatment

Implantology and paltic surgery – mouth- jaw- facial surgery in Hamburg

Jaw surgery, implant-therapy, periodontitis- treatment and facial plastic surgery are the pivoting points of our practice, which has counted among the leading practices in its field in Hamburg ever since its creation over 50 years ago.

Thanks to our location at the crossing point of the city sections of Barmbek, Winterhude, Wandsbek, Hamburg – Centre, coupled with our outstanding medical and dental qualifications, we are able to make available for you a broad spectrum of modern diagnostic procedures and therapies.

  • Modern surgical tooth preservation
  • Protective tooth extraction
  • Regenerative periodontitis treatment
  • Minimally invasive implantat therapy
  • Bone building & bone breeding
  • Semiconscious sedation

Consultation hours

Mo:     8.00-19.00 hrs
Tu-Th: 8.00-18.00 hrs
Fr:       8.00-17.00 hrs